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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Mary in Canada is looking for her lost penpal Winnie Ho Shuk Fan from Hong Kong!


My name is Mary Morielli. When I was 14 a friend of mine told me of this crazy thing she wanted me to do: sign up for a penpal! Crazy I thought! But she hounded me for a whole week so I got fed up and signed up on IYS-International Youth Service. I promised my friend that as soon as the letter would come in I would not even bother to look at it and would throw it out.

Well, five weeks later this awesome green envie arrived, addressed to me and with beautiful stamps from Hong Kong. Well, I thought, I might just open it and peek... that little peek (in 1982) began a lifelong love affair with penpalling. Winnie Ho Shuk Fan from Hong Kong was my very first penpal and we wrote for the next 20 years. We wrote every 3 months and sent presents back and forth. Then, suddenly, her letters just stopped abruptly. No news, no cards... nothing! She used to live in Wah Fu Estates and would be around 46 nowadays. I am still searching for her and have had no luck through the Internet, so if anyone out there knows anything about her or can help me to find her I would be eternally grateful!

Please, e-mail me at: m_marymval65[at]hotmail[dot]ca

Thank you!

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