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Sunday, 22 April 2012

How to look for penpals in Penpalling & Letters...

Are you looking for penpals?
Do you find difficult to find the perfect person to write to nowadays?

Follow the intructions below (in the picture) to make your own handwritten or designed at the computer ad. Notice that typed comments won't be accepted! If you don't really know where to start in elaborating your own ad, just check the example located right below the instructions! Once you are done, scan or take a pic of it and forward it as an attached file to the following e-mail address stating "Penpal Ads in Penpalling & Letters":


Don't forget to enclose a way of contacting you in your penpal ad! (either an e-mail address or your postal address if you feel like posting it).

Penpalling & Letters is not responsible under any circumstances about the personal words and texts written on the advertisements by any user.

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