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Friday, 27 April 2012

How to look for lost penpals in Penpalling & Letters...

Have you lost touch with a penpal long time ago?
Do you miss your penfriendship and would like to find her/him?

First, give some data about yourself (name, birthdate/age, nationality...) and about your lost penpal and penfriendship (her/his name, birthdate/age, nationality, where she/he lived, when and how you met, for how long you were in touch...). The more details you can give about that person, the better!

Once you have collected all needed data and details, send an e-mail stating "Lost Penpals in Penpalling & Letters" to:


Don't forget to enclose a way of contacting you (preferably, an e-mail address). Shortly after, your message will be posted in Penpalling & Letters Ads.

Notice that Penpalling & Letters is not responsible under any circumstances about the personal words and texts written on the advertisements by any user.


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