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Thursday, 27 December 2012

A Greek Primary School is looking for a letter and project exchange!

A Greek Primary school is interested in having a letter and project exchange with schools from all over the world! If any of you is a teacher and is interested, please, contact Aphrodite at the following e-mail address: aphro.granger[at]gmail[dot]com

Aphrodite also teaches some teenagers aged 13-18 who would be delighted to find correspondents of their same age. Please, contact her at the e-mail provided above.

Friday, 21 December 2012

Joanne in Barbados is looking for three lost penpals!


I'm trying to find three penpals from childhood. My name is Zoanne Evans from Barbados West Indies. I had these penpals in the early 1980s from age 12 to about age 15. I was born on October 29, 1967 and I am Barbadian. My penpals were about the same age. Here is more info on them:

Jutta Hohenhorst of West Germany. She lived in Dorsten on a large 1000 acre farm.

Annette Tischler of West Germany. She lived at Fuschpass 20 and that's all I can remember.

Roberta Lampa of Via Cordona 14, Padua, Italy.

We would all be in our 40s now but it would be fantastic to touch base again and to see what we have grown up to be. These penpals were exceptional. I can be contacted at zowiegirl[at]gmail[dot]com

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Maki in Brazil is looking for several lost penpals!


I used to write a lot of letters for people from several countries, but as we became adults... we lose contacts and lives change everything. Three years ago I have found my first pen-pal in the Facebook. And I am glad we are still in contact after 20 years without communication. I also have tried to find some which I can remember:

Claudia Gruber from Germany (dunno city). She would probably be 40 or 41 now. A detail I can remember is that she lived with her mother, no brother neither sister, she has a dog.

Arndt Pawlikowski from Dortmund, Germany. He would be 40 or 41 now. His hobby was bow and arrow. The last contact was when he went to Greece and sent me a postcard... since then no more letters from him.

Loukia Constantinou (married) from Cyprus who is 40 or 41 now.

My name is Maki Tanabe, still single (using the same name), I am from Santos, Brazil. I am 41 years old now. I lived at Rua Bahia, 94 Ap. 33. If you can find any of them, please ask me to contact at this email address: mktanabe2112[at]yahoo[dot]com

Thank you very much!

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Angelina in Germany is looking for her lost penpal Hannah Marie Meyer in USA!


My name is Angelina Dieckmann, I'm 23 years old and I'm living in Bohmte, Germany.

I lost the contact to my penpal Hannah Marie Meyer and she lived in Austin, Texas, USA. Her birthday is on 3rd May 1989 and her friends call her "Ree". She played basketball and ran track for her school. She played the French Horn in the school's band.

We met each other by the penpal club called "Letternet".

Last year I sent her a letter, the letter came back to me, because she moved and I don't have her new address.

I really hope, that somebody can help me. Please, e-mail me at: Angii89[at]web[dot]de

Thank you,

Monday, 30 April 2012

Heather in England is looking for her lost penpals: May Ho in Hong Kong and Sun-Woo Choi in Guam!


My name is Heather Wilkie and I am trying to track down two long lost penpals I used to have during my teenage years. I am searching for:

May Ho from Ngau, Tau Kok Road, Kowloon, Hongs Kong. Her birthday was on 15th May.

Sun-Woo Choi. She lived in Guam and her postal address was an Army mailbox as her father was in the Army. She used to go to the girls Catholic School. There she liked to play soccer and was in the Cougars Team, I think.

We became penpals from IYS - International Youth Service, and I regret that I lost contact with both of them. They would remember me as Heather Dawkins from England. They (and myself) are 36 years old now. I really hope I can find them again as they were very nice penfriends to have and I would love to catch up with what life has dealt us since we lost touch.

My contact e-mail is: highland.hermit[at]gmail[dot]com

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Mary in Canada is looking for her lost penpal Winnie Ho Shuk Fan from Hong Kong!


My name is Mary Morielli. When I was 14 a friend of mine told me of this crazy thing she wanted me to do: sign up for a penpal! Crazy I thought! But she hounded me for a whole week so I got fed up and signed up on IYS-International Youth Service. I promised my friend that as soon as the letter would come in I would not even bother to look at it and would throw it out.

Well, five weeks later this awesome green envie arrived, addressed to me and with beautiful stamps from Hong Kong. Well, I thought, I might just open it and peek... that little peek (in 1982) began a lifelong love affair with penpalling. Winnie Ho Shuk Fan from Hong Kong was my very first penpal and we wrote for the next 20 years. We wrote every 3 months and sent presents back and forth. Then, suddenly, her letters just stopped abruptly. No news, no cards... nothing! She used to live in Wah Fu Estates and would be around 46 nowadays. I am still searching for her and have had no luck through the Internet, so if anyone out there knows anything about her or can help me to find her I would be eternally grateful!

Please, e-mail me at: m_marymval65[at]hotmail[dot]ca

Thank you!

Lisa in Germany is looking for penpals!

Hello everyone!

My name is Lisa, I am 18 and from Germany. I'm interested in getting to know people from all over the world to talk about what ever comes to our minds. I'm curious to learn about your culture, every day life, your pleasures, your worries... Everything! I love writing and receiving e-mails, really. :) So drop me a line if you feel like it. Just write to: lisa.93[at]gmx[dot]de

Friday, 27 April 2012

How to look for lost penpals in Penpalling & Letters...

Have you lost touch with a penpal long time ago?
Do you miss your penfriendship and would like to find her/him?

First, give some data about yourself (name, birthdate/age, nationality...) and about your lost penpal and penfriendship (her/his name, birthdate/age, nationality, where she/he lived, when and how you met, for how long you were in touch...). The more details you can give about that person, the better!

Once you have collected all needed data and details, send an e-mail stating "Lost Penpals in Penpalling & Letters" to:


Don't forget to enclose a way of contacting you (preferably, an e-mail address). Shortly after, your message will be posted in Penpalling & Letters Ads.

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Sunday, 22 April 2012

How to look for penpals in Penpalling & Letters...

Are you looking for penpals?
Do you find difficult to find the perfect person to write to nowadays?

Follow the intructions below (in the picture) to make your own handwritten or designed at the computer ad. Notice that typed comments won't be accepted! If you don't really know where to start in elaborating your own ad, just check the example located right below the instructions! Once you are done, scan or take a pic of it and forward it as an attached file to the following e-mail address stating "Penpal Ads in Penpalling & Letters":


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Penpalling & Letters is not responsible under any circumstances about the personal words and texts written on the advertisements by any user.